This is not an illusive way of blogging about how to deflect work – it is actually about the consumption of alcohol in public. You would think that attorneys of all people would understand the consequences of excessive drinking in public (whether exposure to DWI cases, employment-related matters or other costly decisions made while intoxicated) but attorneys can be the biggest offenders.

Excessive drinking in public is never a good idea but even worse when you are out with colleagues, employers, clients or on a job interview. I recently learned of an incident where an attorney was meeting with a potential employer at a restaurant, for convenience and a less formal setting, who did not know when to say when and effectively put an end to him being considered for the position. While this employer was not opposed to enjoying a drink over conversation, they had to question the candidate’s judgment when he ordered his fourth beer.

Yes, there are people who struggle with alcohol and legitimately have a hard time controlling their consumption but good judgment would then dictate avoiding situations where you are prone to drink or simply order a non-alcoholic beverage so your judgment won’t be impaired.