This was a post from several years ago, but in reviewing the old posts, the exact same thing holds true – that I’ve received only four messages of thanks from people who I have met with or helped. Here is the old post:


That’s the number of thank you notes I’ve received this year from all of the people I’ve met with to help with their job search. Four thank you notes (and it is nearly November). I speak to many people a day and meet with scores of people each month – and FOUR sent me a thank you note.

Sure, a few might have sent an email referencing some appreciation, but only four have taken the time to write something on a piece of paper and mail it. I’m belaboring this point because I think it is telling – I remember the four people who sent me something this year. The person I met that Thursday afternoon in January…not so much.

Always send a thank you note after you meet with someone in relation to your job search. If you are a belt-and-suspenders person, send an email after the meeting and follow-up with a written note that will arrive a few days later (and will serve as a good reminder to get back to you). You will make an impression and the note is a simple, polite reminder that you are still waiting to hear from them.