It seems like such a simple concept but it is one that frequently gets lost in the hiring process: understanding the other side’s needs. Whether it is the employer or job candidate, both sides tend to focus a little too much on their own needs and not addressing what the other side wants.

Of course employers don’t hire just to make someone happy nor do attorneys work for firms or companies just to make them more money – everyone has their own interest in mind. However in order to further your own interest it behooves you to understand what the other side wants and then sell them on your ability to meet those needs. Employers looking for a specific attorney should make it a point to understand how that attorney will benefit from taking the position and not just assume that the benefit is the same for everyone. Likewise, candidates can get so focused on whether a potential job addresses their own needs that they blow it during the interview process because they miss the opportunity to demonstrate why they would be a good hire for the employer.

While it does not make sense to consider a job or candidate that does not meet your needs, once you think there is potential it is time to increase your likelihood of landing the job or candidate by understanding what is important to them.