The decision to switch firms or go in house is often a difficult one to make. You know what your colleagues at your current firm are capable of (for good or for bad) and you are pretty comfortable there. But you know something is missing.

Making the decision to leave is a deeply personal one; one that hinges on personal grit, increasing client service and lifestyle concerns. But once you’ve made the decision to make a move, the biggest obstacle is indecision. Some hemming and hawing over whether to make a move is healthy, but when that indecision paralyzes you and becomes obvious to the new company, it means that you are not starting out on the right foot.

What can you do about it? Be decisive. Interviews are two-way streets, but you should not advance unless there is a chance you will take the job. With each successive interview, you should become more and more certain that you WILL take the job. By the time the offer is given, the job should be desired and the only task should be negotiating the details.

This works for the hiring authority, too – don’t interview just to get to no. When they know it’s not a fit – cut bait.