You spend most of your day (and too often a good part of your evening) at work so why settle for a job that does not fulfill your professional or personal objectives? There are constant reminders in the news and in our personal lives just how short life can be so do yourself a favor and at least explore opportunities that might be more fulfilling.

Yes, there is always risk involved with a job change but rarely is there true reward without taking some chances. Too often people fall into the trap of complacency because they don’t think things could be better elsewhere or are “comfortable” with the dissatisfaction of their current job versus the uncertainty of a new job. Of course, every new job posting does not contain the golden ticket for happiness or even necessarily address everything you seek. However, if you are 25% happier in your job and your work constitutes the majority of your waking hours, then even a seemingly marginal change can make a huge difference in your overall happiness.

It is very easy to get caught up in the minutia of your job and just ignore the frustration that you experience on a regular basis. The answer to finding more happiness may be out there but you will never know if you are willing to settle for less.