Are you beholden to other attorneys for supplying your work? Do you wish that you had more control over your practice? Would you like more options for a change in employment? Not surprisingly, the key is building your own client base.

Now more than ever business generation is critical to building a successful law practice. The times of inheriting institutional clients are fading as businesses are charged with finding quality legal services at a competitive price. Attorneys are forced to adjust their approach the practice of law accordingly with an emphasis on generating business and keeping that business.

Yes, this is no small endeavor but like many things in life, the fear or anticipation of business generation is much worse than the actual effort. You may not consider yourself an outgoing person but keep in mind that many of the people that you will be connecting with are not either. Often times it is more a matter of letting someone get to know you versus hard-selling them on your skills as an attorney. The key is to take it one relationship at time and stick with it. It may take time for your efforts to bear fruit but the more relationships you cultivate the more the work will come in on a steady basis.