Okay, so you have decided to test the market to see if there is a better job option for you. Maybe you can’t tolerate your boss or coworkers; or perhaps you have reached your professional limit at your current job and need a new platform to grow. Whatever your reason, since you have committed to exploring other jobs, why not make the most of it by considering multiple opportunities.

I understand that the market is still tight but some people will have the opportunity to weigh multiple options if they so choose. Having options is important because you are more likely to find the right fit and get the most from an offer.

For some people, their only basis of comparison is the job they are departing when considering another employer. Yes, even having a limited comparison is helpful, but think how much more effective that becomes when you add a few more opportunities to consider. The one place you are considering may be an improvement, but you should make sure that it is truly the best option for you – not just better than your current job.

The other reason it can be beneficial to consider multiple job opportunities is leverage. While the threat of staying at your current job can be used, there is obviously a reason you are looking and most people (including potential employers) know that accepting a counteroffer is often a recipe for disaster. Whereas employers are more likely to put forth their best possible offer when they know there is competition for your services. In fact, some employers are so competitive (can’t stand the thought of losing to a rival firm, etc.) that they might even pay above market if necessary.

So if you are truly ready to take the plunge in the job market, do yourself a favor by considering multiple job opportunities to make the most of situation.