One of the most overlooked aspects of a successful job search is the thank you note. Showing appreciation for those who interview you (and those who help you - in any way - with your job search) is vitally important for many reasons:

First, sending one shows you are excited about the job. Second, and maybe most importantly, it serves as a touchpoint to remind the interviewer about you (and to, presumably, follow up if they haven’t done so already). Finally, it shows that you are a professional.

The thank you note should be sent within 24 hours of the meeting. I think that the decision as to whether you should send the note by email or use a hand-written note is open for debate. Be true to yourself. If your handwriting is terrible, lean towards an email.

Regardless of what you send, make it tasteful and professional. Make it short. It should only be a few sentences long. Thank the interviewer, reference something that was said in the meeting, answer anything that was left open in the meeting and let them know that you appreciated their time. If it was an interview, it’s appropriate to say that you remain interested in the position (if that’s true).

A note on the hand-written card. I’ve received very few of them myself. Most have been great. One stands out. I received a thank you note with a picture of a dog playing the piano. It wasn’t professional. It didn’t say anything positive about the sender and it was memorable for all the wrong reasons. So keep an eye on reasonableness with the cardstock you use.

And of course, THANK YOU for reading the Sand Search blog!

The thank you card in question (next to a more appropriate thank you note)

The thank you card in question (next to a more appropriate thank you note)