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February 2017

How to Nail that Next Interview

Is there an interview on your horizon? If so, make sure take a common sense approach to making a good impression by utilizing three essential P’s: preparedness, positive attitude and professionalism. There won’t be much you can add to your skills and experience prior to the interview but you can control how prepared you are coming into the interview, the attitude you convey, and your appearance and demeanor.

Recruiters Understand Fit

Getting to know a recruiter can help you if you are a candidate or a hiring entity.  A good recruiter goes beyond the resume and can advocate for a candidate and understand the subtle nuances of “fit” for a firm or legal department.

Keep It Classy When Giving Your Notice

Resigning from a job is awkward at best and can get downright ugly in some situations. Whether you are leaving for money, career advancement or personality differences – offering a polite, professional resignation is always the best course of action.