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September 2015

Not Just a Buyer’s Market Anymore

There has been a lot of press recently about the rebounding market for home sales. For many years now, buyers have had their choice of multiple options and could afford to take their time in making the best selection.

Poor Grammar Is Everywhere

A fantastic article was in this week’s Minnesota Lawyer written by Brian Melendez (“Apostrophe’s abound (make that apostrophes)”). The topic was the poor use of apostrophes (and grammar in general) displayed by lawyers. Brian is a friend and an authority on the subject (he is, after all, an editor of Black’s Law Dictionary). The takeaway from the article is that so many people misuse grammatical mistakes that they have become commonplace and accepted (and Brian suggests that continued use of erroneous syntax could be tomorrow’s canon).

Utilizing Your Network

You may not realize it but you have a network.  This could be colleagues, friends, former law school classmates, etc.  Whether you choose to utilize that network is up to you.

Rising Like a Phoenix From the Ashes: The Mid-level Associate

We’ve come full circle from the Great Recession. The numbers are in and, according to The American Lawyer, mid-level associates are happier than they have ever been – but paradoxically, more prone to move to a new firm. These mid-level associates are actually working harder (as evidenced by the number of hours) and have been given more tools (at least technology that help them work longer, faster, better) and have more perceived job security than in recent years., but they are unsure about their future at their current firm.