While finding a firm or company that fits well with your actual legal practice is no doubt important, it is no more important than cultural fit or management style. In fact, the majority of attorneys that contact us are not interested in leaving their current job due to the actual work. Most often, it is the interaction with others, long-term direction, or decision-making of the firm or company that has people considering other options.

So how do you go about finding a job that will not only satisfy your immediate work needs but also be a good fit in terms of culture and decision-making? Do your homework and don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions. Chances are you will know of people who have had prior experience with the employer, ask a recruiter for their opinion on the place, and look for any other telling signs – frequent job postings often means high turnover.

If you decide to move forward after doing your homework and are able to get an interview, then you have the perfect opportunity to ask questions that should give you a better understanding of fit. Don’t be afraid to directly ask about the culture, turnover, business strategy, etc. In fact, asking this same line of questions to multiple people will give some indication of accuracy and, if nothing else, whether everyone is on the same page. Many people choose to skim over this aspect of the job search but the last thing you want is find it’s a bad fit a few weeks on the job.