Whether searching for a job or just trying to stay in contact with current and/or potential clients in the legal field, having a LinkedIn profile should be a priority. Just as important as having the profile is keeping it up to date. Showing that you are still at an old position or, a much more common fault, failing to update your contact information so someone can get a hold of you, is a poor reflection on you.

If you have an old LinkedIn profile that you no longer use, delete it and start anew. A helpful discussion board on removing these old profiles (even when you no longer have access to the login email) can be found here: https://community.linkedin.com/questions/16210/how-to-delete-old-profiles-you-can-no-longer-acces.html

Updating your contact information is very easy. According to LinkedIn’s website, changing information is done as follows:

Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your homepage and select Edit Profile. Click Contact Info in the top section of your profile. The section will expand. Click into the field you’d like to edit and make your changes. Click Save. Opportunity can’t knock if it can’t find you!