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October 2015

Know When To Say When

This is not an illusive way of blogging about how to deflect work – it is actually about the consumption of alcohol in public.

Cars, Groceries, Coffee and People

My grandfather, it seems, loves tires. Every time I see him, he asks about my tires. How is the tread? What brand are they? How are they in the snow? he is sure that tires are the single most important part on the car.

Limited Experience? Make Your Resume Stand Out

We are hearing from a lot recent law school graduates lately and although the market has improved, jobs are still scarce for the majority of these folks. Creating a compelling resume can be a challenge when you do not have practical legal experience.

The Positive Spin

I recently received a cover letter from a candidate that reminded me of one of my daughter’s favorite characters from Winnie the Pooh – Eeyore. After a few pleasantries, the letter proceeded to state that the candidate had a “very poor” first year of law school and that his GPA was “less than desirable”. I could almost hear the sad trombone sounds in the background as I read the letter.