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May 2016

Give Yourself an Advantage: Use Your Resume as a Marketing Tool

The vast majority of resumes we see are consistent with the way most of us were taught to write a resume – provide a chronological summary of your employment history and education. There is nothing incorrect about this format but is it really your best tool for marketing yourself to a potential employer?

You’re Doing It Wrong.

There really is no “right way” to hire someone or get hired. That said, there are plenty of ways that are clearly wrong. 

Keep it Positive!

Every law firm or company has aspects that are less than desirable for some people. In fact, this may be the reason that someone is considering a move. However, it is never a good to dwell on this too much in an interview.

A Higher Level of Understanding

It seems like such a simple concept but it is one that frequently gets lost in the hiring process: understanding the other side’s needs. Whether it is the employer or job candidate, both sides tend to focus a little too much on their own needs and not addressing what the other side wants.